Not Mushroom Hunting

I am not going to complain that there are no mushrooms in our woods this year, or that I have given up at least eight hours looking when I could have been separating our puny lettuces and spinach from the feisty henbit and chickweed that think the garden is theirs. I have no regrets about having to remove ticks from my jeans and mud from my boots. And the sunburn I got from looking up past the brim of my hat rather than down at the ground, well, c’est la vie. The sky was too glorious to ignore.

I don’t know whether it is too early or too late for mushrooms. I know that the May apples still have not bloomed but the dogwoods are unraveling.  I know I saw a red admiral, a yellow tiger swallowtail, and an eastern tailed-blue in the flyway where I stood. And stood. And wherever I wandered in the leaf littered spots beneath the red oaks and hard maples and between the thickets of blackberries and gooseberries, I found something just as good as dinner.

Eastern Box Turtle

Eastern Box Turtle

A flock of wild turkeys in the hollow, complaining a little too loudly about it being turkey hunting season. An orchard oriole balancing on a slender limb like a tightrope walker wearing black and orange spandex. Sky blue phlox growing in vase-ready clumps.  An Eastern box turtle painted with yellow petroglyphs. A curved piece of bone that I cannot identify, two inches long, flat on both sides, and beveled on one end.


It’s a mystery!

And the sound the wind makes in the woods, where it loses its identity, becomes rain or a full creek or a train in the distance.

I am not-mushroom hunting today. But I am stilled. Still.


3 thoughts on “Not Mushroom Hunting

  1. ….apparently i am a late bloomer to this bit of paradise on our landscape and clearly being cared for by two awesome land stewards! Congrats on that beehive too! Do you think that bee i dodged on our deck came from your neighborhood?
    I am waiting for the next posting … i would imagine…from your journal? Sue and I are delighted to see this page.

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